Substance Abuse

substance abuse

Substance abuse is a very serious issue that the US is facing today and areas affected include various places in New Jersey. So, have you ever been involved in cases of substance abuse? Are you currently worrying about the penalties that you could be facing with the substance abuse case that you have encountered? Do you need the help of an NJ DYFS defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about this matter and who can help you overcome your problems? From the process of deliberating about the penalties that you could face to having your case brought to the NJ family court or even until the superior court, Grossman Law Firm will take all the steps it needs to make your concerns much easier to face.

Unbiased Evaluation

Grossman Law Firm is the law firm who will help you come up with decisions without being biased and while preserving the integrity of the name of the company – from handling drug test results to managing your documents. When it comes to cases of substance abuse or even the ones which come under the juvenile law – we are aware that these cases are highly sensitive. On the other hand, with the credibility that our NJ DYFS attorney possesses, you can trust us to help you end up making decisions that will make things better for you and for your case, in general.


We help you get what you deserve.

With Grossman Law Firm, you will get what you deserve. If you have been involved in a case of juvenile delinquency along with a count of substance abuse, we will do everything that we can here at Grossman Law Firm to help you in reducing the punishments that you could possibly be facing, without sacrificing any legal concern and without setting aside the credibility that our law firm has. The NJ family court or municipal court assistance that we have to offer will surely make your substance abuse concerns lighter and much easier to handle.


Of course, here at Grossman Law Firm, we take care of the safety and welfare of our clients. That is why, though they are already faced with counts of juvenile delinquency or of substance abuse, our NJ DYFS attorney is still going to do his best to bring his client into a program for rehabilitation, but of course, without forcing his client to do so. Our duty does not end once our client gets what he deserves. We still make sure that after the case is over, he gets the treatment that he needs.

So, what else are you waiting for? Ken Grossman is ready to help you in every way that he can to be able to help you get through your substance abuse concerns. Allow your NJ DYFS defenseb lawyer to help you. Do not waste any more time. Always remember that when it comes to knowledge about the juvenile law, substance abuse cases, child endangerment cases and more, Grossman Law Firm is the best company to go to.