Sex Offenses (Superior Court)

sex offence

Have you been accused as a sex offender and you wish to clear your name up? Or are you guilty of a sex offense in line with the juvenile law and you wish to make the weight of your load a lighter one? Are you looking for an NJ DYFS attorney who can serve as your helping hand in facing your case? Grossman Law Firm is here to bring to you the kind of assistance that you need to be able to get through your sex offense issues. We know how sensitive this concern can be and we understand that without proper knowledge, we believe that you will never end up having the success that you think you deserve. So, to help you get through this, here are the qualities of Grossman Law Firm that can make things more tolerable for you to handle.

Sex offense cases are well-handled.

The first thing that we boast of here at Grossman Law Firm is our experience in the industry. Ken Grossman, the NJ DYFS defense attorney of our law firm, has been in service for more than three decades now. From NJ family court cases to sex offenses which can already be considered as indictable crimes – we know how to handle these concerns. Choosing a lawyer who can help you with this can be challenging, but now that you have reached Grossman Law Firm, you no longer have to worry about finding the right one for you.


We help you from the beginning ‘till the end.

No matter how big or small the case you are facing may be, be it that it will be heard at the NJ family court or in the municipal court, for as long as you are involved in a sex offense, we will be here to help you to guide you in every decision that you will be making, especially if your sex offense is associated with juvenile delinquency. Ken Grossman is a very dedicated lawyer and the people whom we have helped before can serve as living testimonies to that. Though we know how difficult it is to handle sex offense cases, due to their sensitivity, we still make sure that we finish the case that we have started to handle.

We will be your ultimate sex offense case adviser.

Finally, a reason why you should give your trust to Grossman Law Firm is that we have the knowledge you need to be able to handle sex offense cases, even the ones which are considered to be cases of juvenile delinquency, as well. Being a Hofstra University graduate, our NJ DYFS attorney here at Grossman Law Firm has all the knowledge he needs to answer all of the legal questions that you have in mind and the things that you can and shouldn’t do when involved in a sex offense case.

With the qualities that Grossman Law Firm has, you can have the confidence that you will be spending your money on the services of the best NJ DYFS defense lawyer. So, if you wish to know more about the juvenile law and sex offense cases, as well as their limitations and their corresponding penalties, visit the office of Grossman Law Firm now.