Do you know any case of child neglect which needs immediate response? Are there cases of juvenile delinquency that you know of which have led to child neglect? Is your knowledge about the juvenile law insufficient and you want to know more about this issue for you to have an idea on how to handle instances which involve such? If you are searching for a good lawyer in New Jersey who can help you attend to concerns regarding child neglect, you have come to the right place as you have reached Grossman Law Firm. Now, here are three of the things that you can get from us if you entrust your concerns to us.

We will give you the support you need.

First of all, if you are going to give your trust to Grossman Law Firm, we will give you the kinds of support that you need. From psychological support to accompanying you to the NJ family court for the hearing of your case – we will be there to help you get over your issues regarding child neglect. Also, we will never leave you, especially when we know that you still need to cope with the trauma that the incident of child neglect has brought into your life. The NJ DYFS attorney that we have definitely knows how to satisfy your needs in every aspect, especially if you are the victim in the incident.


We care more about the welfare of our clients.

Child neglect is a very serious case and just like cases of juvenile delinquency, it is something which needs to be handled with care and should not be taken for granted. There are so many law firms in the country and even in New Jersey. However, not all of them truly care about the welfare of their clients. There are the ones which think more about the money than the kind of treatment or service that they give to their clients. This is not something that you will never get if you entrust everything to the NJ DYFS defense lawyer of Grossman Law Firm.

Handling child neglect cases is one of our specialties.

Finally, if you are going to let us handle the child neglect case or any matter related to the juvenile law that you or your loved one is facing at the moment, you can have the guarantee that everything will be in its right place at the right time. The NJ DYFS defense lawyer that we have on our team is going to give you the right treatment, will do his best to have your family reunified, if it is your desire, or to help you lessen the weight of the child neglect charges pressed against you.

Whether you want your child neglect case to reach the NJ family court right away or you want step-by-step take on your case, our NJ DYFS attorney here at Grossman Law Firm will support you from the beginning until you get the success that you have been wishing to get.