The DCPP or DYFS is responsible for taking care of reports of child abuse, child neglect, child endangerment and even get involved in cases that are covered by the juvenile law. They make sure that the victims of the crimes mentioned earlier are going to be sheltered and will be subjected to various programs which can help them recover from various traumatic experiences. The processing stage for victims to avail of these kinds of programs can take some time to be done. But with the help of an NJ DYFS attorney from Grossman Law Firm, things can be done in a quicker and a more hassle-free way. Now, what are the things that you can receive when it comes to the DCPP or DYFS assistance services that we are offering to our clients.

Family Support

After every NJ family court hearing that you have gone through and after your legal concerns are overcame, you can always come to our law firm and tell us about your goals for the condition of your family. Also, you may come and consult with our NJ DYFS defense lawyer who has expertise in such kinds of matters. Ken Grossman, our lawyer, is going to offer you family support programs that can certainly help you in the preservation of the relationship that you have within your family. With the connection that we have established with DCPP, you can be certain that everything will go smoothly.


Children’s Safety

With the DCPP networks that we have established, too, it would no longer be a challenge for you to bring victims of child abuse, child neglect and other similar cases to the people who can take care of them really well. Be it a child who has previously been accused of juvenile delinquency or someone who is trying to recover from child endangerment which has been brought to the NJ family court – Grossman Law Firm, with the help of its connections, can bring children the protection that they need from the DCPP to be able to live a happy and normal life again.

Smooth Case Processing

Entrusting your juvenile law concerns to Grossman Law Firm, you can expect a smooth case processing as you try to bring your reports to the DCPP or DYFS. Our NJ DYFS defense lawyer is going to assist you in having your documents processed, in settling all the negotiations which need to be settled or in preparing for your family court hearing in New Jersey. With Grossman Law Firm, you can have a hassle-free processing of your case, as you bring it towards the responsibility of the DCPP.

So, be it that you are currently facing juvenile delinquency issues at the moment or you just need the experts to bring you help for the preservation of your family relationship, you can always come to Grossman Law Firm and talk to our lawyer. Our NJ DYFS attorney is always ready to attend to all of your DCPP requests and to make things simpler for you.