Wherever you may be in New Jersey, any form of crime can happen. On the other hand, once these take place against you, the only thing left for you to do is to search for justice and that is exactly what you will get if you entrust your concerns to us, to Grossman Law Firm. With the NJ DYFS defense experience that we have acquired within the three decades that we have served the people, you can always have the certainty that what you will get is the result that you deserve. So, whichever type of crime related to DYFS that may be, be it a case of juvenile delinquency, theft or child endangerment, you can come to Grossman Law Firm and get the rightful assistance that you have been searching for.

Justifiable Steps

When it comes to handling any form of DYFS-related crime, you can trust our NJ DYFS attorney, Ken Grossman, to take only the most justifiable steps in handling your case. You would never have to worry about having to face traumatic encounters and time-consuming steps, especially along the processing stage of your case. We only take legal steps in handling cases and we make sure that no shortcuts will be taken, especially because we know that we can end up ruining the entire process, if anything goes wrong. Also, with our experience in the industry, especially when it comes to cases covered by the juvenile law, you can be sure that unlike other law firms out there, we will not put you into more trouble than what you already have.


Hassle-free Consultation

Another thing that Grossman Law Firm can give you is a hassle-free consultation when it comes to concerns that are as huge as crimes. We know how precious your time and efforts are and that is why we our NJ DYFS defense lawyer is going to do everything that he can to bring you a stress-free time while you ask for the things that you can do to be able to get through the case that you are facing at the moment. Ken Grossman is already an expert when it comes to NJ family court cases. He has acquired the best training and education in New York and New Jersey and with his expertise, all of your legal questions will be receiving their corresponding relevant answers.

Sufficient Knowledge About Handling Crime Concerns

In connection to the previous point, here at Grossman Law Firm, you will see expert services from us, especially in cases that are related to the juvenile law and others that can be categorized under DYFS cases. As someone who graduated from Hofstra University and a member of the NJ state bar, Ken Grossman, our NJ DYFS attorney is not going to give you a difficult time as you ask us for assistance in every aspect of having your case processed, be it a sex offense, a drug-related cases or theft.

So, when it comes to cases considered as crimes that you want to bring to the NJ family court, even in cases such as juvenile delinquency, come to Grossman Law Firm and we’ll do what we can to help you.