Assault could be one of the most common cases related to juvenile delinquency. There are so many possible forms of assault that can take place, especially considering the age group where juvenile delinquents belong to. Inflicting any form of harm to someone can already be considered as an assault and if you are young and living without supervision, you could be facing some serious trouble. During these times, what you need is the guidance of a good NJ DYFS attorney who can help you go through your case of assault. That is exactly why Grossman Law Firm exists – to be able to bring you the assistance that you need during this kind of instances.

Case Expertise

One of the qualities of the NJ DYFS defense lawyer that you can get from Grossman Law Firm is being experienced. Just like what we have always been telling to our clients, our Ken Grossman has been offering his services to people for 35 years now. With the number of cases that he has handled and the time that he has spent learning, you can be sure that the case of assault that you are worrying about will not take up too much of your time and would not be traumatic for you. From the NJ family court room to actually finishing your case and ending up in success – we will be there for you and with you.



Grossman Law Firm, too, is where you and your assault case will be treated with fairness. Juvenile delinquency, indeed, is not that easy to deal with. But with the experience that our NJ DYFS attorney has, you can be sure that any form of assault that you might have committed will be managed with carefulness and will never be taken for granted. Fairness is preserved as we go over the investigation of your case of assault and as we review statements from the parties involved in the case. While we hold on to our integrity, we still see to it that you are comfortable having us around and that we get a full understanding of your case.


Finally, here at Grossman Law Firm, we will offer you the service of our NJ DYFS defense lawyer who is highly knowledgeable when it comes to juvenile law, and this covers cases of assault – whichever form of such may be. With Ken Grossman being a member of the NJ State Bar, you can expect him to have acquired full knowledge about his field of expertise, which is handling cases of juvenile delinquents. From helping you remove your child from foster care to having your family reunited again – Ken Grossman can offer you everything that you need.

Allowing your case of assault to reach the NJ family court may be something that you can barely prevent from happening, especially if you are dealing with multiple counts of serious assault. But with the help of an expert on juvenile law from Grossman Law Firm, you may always feel confident that you concerns will be handled by the best.