Welcome to the Grossman Law Firm, a Bergen County, New Jersey based law firm specializing in providing assistance for Parents/Guardians who may be dealing with cases involving child abuse, child neglect, and/or child endangerment. With over 30 years of experience, we can confidently provide our Clients with the most comprehensive legal representation when facing the NJ Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) formerly known as the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).  Mr. Grossman was born, raised, and is a current Bergen County, NJ resident who has a concise understanding of the DYFS legal process.  He is proudly admitted by the New Jersey State Bar, NJ Supreme Court, and United States Supreme Court. In addition to NJ DYFS/DCPP defense matters, Mr. Grossman also provides legal representation for cases in the Juvenile, Municipal, and Superior Courts of Bergen County, Passaic County. and Hudson County NJ .

Juvenile Delinquency and Family Court

Dealing with a juvenile delinquency cases can indeed be very stressful and burdensome. Are you searching for an expert on juvenile law and you are expecting to have your concerns handled with efficiency? We understand the multitude of worries parents face when their child or teenager are facing criminal juvenile crimes involving delinquency, drug offenses, assaults, and/or thefts. Our priority is for your child or teenager to attain a favorable outcome with the juvenile legal matters at hand.  If you are in need of a highly proficient NJ juvenile defense attorney, begin exploring our website now to find the topic of legal assistance you are seeking guidance with from our Bergen County law firm. We also provide legal representations for Clients in Passaic and Hudson County, NJ.


Municipal Court Legal Representation

There are a few offenses that will require the representation of a Bergen County attorney such as criminal offenses, NJ crimes, drug offenses, and motor vehicle violations that will result in multiple driving points, and/or suspension of driving privileges. Here at Grossman Law Firm, we will give you the assistance that you need if you have concerns regarding a Bergen County criminal defense attorney with the utmost professionalism, understanding and confidentiality. We will walk you through the entire process, and we will be there to ensure you understand everything regarding your case. Taking into consideration the amount of years we have been successfully practicing law in the Northern NJ area, we truly understand the Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson County Municipal Court judicial process while ensuring we protect and preserve your rights.


Under New Jersey Law, there are offenses that must be resolved through the Superior Court. Some of these crimes include indictable offenses, sex offenses, and serious controlled substances.  If you or someone you love is requiring the legal representation of a compassionate and fair Bergen County attorney to resolve such a matter, please contact us today! From attending to your Bergen County Superior Court case concerns to answering the simplest questions that you have about your particular case; rest assured we are here to help and guide you through the Superior Court judicial process with ease and transparency.  Please contact us or call us at (201) 494-4884 today for a Free Consultation.  For added convenience, we also offer after-hour appointments.